Submissions for the contest. Congratulations to all!

Please note: Entries were submitted by 1/11/11 (Jan 1, 2011), 11 pm. Submissions for judging must be in simple text format. (See Rules for information on the contest.) Simple text with charts and diagrams have been posted. Beautiful versions that were submitted are also posted but will not be used for judging.

Feedback and judging will be posted February 2, 2011.

Anna, the miller's daughter
By Jackson Tegu
Challenge(s): Pencil & Paper, Sharing

By Ben Lehman
Challenge: Pencil & Paper
Beloved revised.

By John McGuckin
Challenge(s): Build a Better CYOA
Mission Tracker

By Emily Care Boss
Challenges: Unlonely Your Fun, Scheherazade, Sharing (and Living in the Future)

Champion of the Realm
By David John Petroski
Challenge(s): Living in the Future, The Scheherazade (or Campaigner's) Challenge, ARG! RPGS! (Or, the Andy Kaufman Challenge), Unlonely Your Fun

The Clock Strikes
By Devon J. Kelley
Challenge: The Sharing Challenge

Demilich - the Evil Plan!
By Noam Rosen
Challenge(s): Sharing, Andy Kaufman
A version of a Ronnies submission

Emotional Roller Coaster
By Joseph Gamblin
Challenge(s): Pencil and Paper

By David Pigeon
Challenges: The Sharing Challenge, Living in the Future, ARG! RPGs! (or the Andy Kaufman Challenge)

By Graham Walmsley
Challenge: Build A Better CYOA

Hero of Silvergate
By Rich DiTullio
Challenge(s): Build a Better Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, Living in the Future
Code pages: mygame, startup text

In Training The Templar
By Erik Battle
Challenges: Unlonely Your fun, Scheherazade Challenge, ARG! RPGS! (or the Andy Kaufman challenge) and the Sharing Challenge

Inner Worlds
By Mendel Schmiedekamp
Challenges That Fit: The Scheherazade Challenge, The Sharing Challenge
Challenges That Somewhat Fit: ARG! RPGS! (Or, the Andy Kaufman Challenge), Pencil and Paper

The Last Man
By Luca Ricci
Challenge(s): Build a Better Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, The Stuff in Your Domicile, ARG! RPGS! (Or, the Andy Kaufman Challenge)

Madness: The Solo Version
By Chris Engle
Challenge: Build a Better CYOA

Map of house
By Jackson Tegu
Challenge(s): Pencil & Paper, Sharing

Monster Hunter X
By David J. Rowe
Challenges: Pencil and Paper, The Sharing Challenge, Unlonely Your Fun, Build a Better Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, Scheherazade Challenge

My Dark Future
By Tomas HV Mørkrid
Challenge: Challengeless challenge
My Dark Future (with illustrations)

Plot IS Character
By Richard J. Rogers
Challenge: Unlonely Your Fun

By Ron Edwards
Challenge(s): Scheherezade and Sharing; possibly Unlonely Your Fun and
Relic (with illustration)

By Scott Slomiany
Challenges: Challengeless, or stuff in your domicile

By Seth Ben-Ezra
Challenges: Build a Better-Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, Living in the Future, Unlonely Your Fun

Spiders Dance
By Michael Wenman
Challenges: Pencil and Paper, The Scheherazade Challenge
Spiders Dance (beautiful version)

Stage Names
By Sage LaTorra
Challenge(s): Living In The Future, Unlonely Your Fun, ARG! RPGS!, Scheherazade, Sharing

By Jamie Fristrom
Challenge(s): Sharing Challenge & Scheherazade Challenge
Storyleaves (updated version)

Suspended Animation
By Ross Cowman
Challenges: ARG RPGS! and Unlonely Your Fun challenges.
Suspended Animation (pretty version)
Suspended Animation 1.3.2 (download here)

Swords of the Skull-Takers
By Joe Prince
Challenges: ARG! RPGS! (or the Andy Kaufman Challenge), the Sharing Challenge, Un-lonely Your Fun & the Scheherazade Challenge
A Ronnies Submission.
Alternate link.

Teen Witch
By Avery Alder
Challenges: The Stuff in Your Domicile, The Scheherazade Challenge, Sharing Challenge, Unlonely Your Fun

Town Crawler
By David Berg
Challenge(s): Unlonely Your Fun
Cards for game

The Turning Leaves
By Jackson Tegu
Challenge(s): Scheherazade

By Zachary Donovan
Challenge(s): Sharing Challenge, Andy Kaufman Challenge

What's the Frequency Kenneth?
By Steve Dempsey
Challenge: Living in the Future