Links to games in development are listed here. Everyone is encouraged to read those by other contestants and comment, give input and help throw around ideas. This is a huge part of the fun, folks. Don't miss out!

News: Jan 17. 33 Games entered as of 1/11/11. Adding a development blog for Champions of the Realm.

Joanna Charambura
Working on: The Robber's Tale
At her blog: Looking for a Pen that Works

Jonathan Walton
Working on: Super Suit
At his blog: one thousand one

Evan Torner
Working on: Figurative Destruction
At his blog: The Guy in the Black Hat

Working on: 3 Dice
At his blog: Greywulf's Lair

Working on: Halflight
On his blog: Thieves of Time

Emily Care Boss
Working on: Caravan
On her shared blog: Fair Game

Working on: The Clock Strikes
On his blog: The Shark Bite

Jamie Fristrom
Working on: Fiction Writing Game
With AP: Celtic Story
Looking for a play exchange: SG Post

Working on: Mythogenesis
On his blog: Spastic Nerfbag

Rich Rogers
Working on: Plot IS Character
On his shared blog: Canon Puncture

Erik Battle
Working on: In Training The Templar

Working on: Winter
At his blog: Strolling About With An Asthmatic Hamster

Working on: Inner Worlds, The Cooking Game and Magic's End
On his blog: darklordforhire's Journal

Working on: Emotional Roller Coaster
On his blog: Entropy Emerges

Working on: (title tba)
On his livejournal blog: Verrain Barimen, Imperator of Achea

Seth Ben-Ezra
Working on: Sleepers
On his blog: A Dark And Quiet Room

Stephen Dewey
Working on: Newsquest and The Library
On his blog: Beneath the Screen

Working on: Monster Hunter X
On his blog: Smerg's Blog

David Pigeon
Working on: G
On his blog: David Pigeon's Other Blog

Joe Mcdalno
Working on: Teen Witch
On his blog: Buried Without Ceremony

Joe Prince
Working on: Swords of the Skull-Takers

Sage LaTorra
Working on: Stage Names
At his blog: Syntax Error

Noam Rosen
Working on: Demilich - Evil Plans! and Solitarot
At his blog: Dork Thoughts

Ross Cowan
Working on: Suspended Animation
On his blog: Faerie Blood

David John Petroski
Working on: Champions of the Realm
On his blog: Champion of the Realm