1) Timeframe: the contest will open on 1/1/11 at 1 a.m. and close on 1/11/11 at 11 p.m. (EST) On January 1st, the challenges will be announced.

2) Games: the games must be created during the time of the contest. Using pre-existing ideas is fine, but all writing should be new. The game is expected to be in development. Play testing is not expected, but is always welcome.

The focus is on creating role playing games, which is a tricky thing when you're talking about just one person playing it. Further discussion of what we're looking for and what goes into the games is here.

3) Challenges:
For each game submitted, note which challenges it was written to meet. One or more challenges may be chosen. Only include challenges that pertain to the game.

4) Sharing your Process: Participants are encouraged, but not required, to work on the games in public. Links to blog entries, posts on forums such as the Forge, Story Games, RPG Crossroads or others, will be posted here. Participants who provide feedback on others' game threads will receive an additional award.

5) Submissions: Games may be submitted any time during the contest. Submissions may be from 1 to 10 pages in length (500-5000 words). Up to three entries may be made. Email the game to the following address:

Submit each game with the following information:

Name of Designer:
Title of Game:

6) Format: The required format is as a text document: Rich Text, Word, or Open Document (.rtf, .doc or .odt). Plus charts, tables, graphs or illustrations that are needed to communicate the rules. Formatted or beautifully laid out versions of the game may also be submitted for sharing, but feedback will be based on the text version only. This levels the playing field and is meant to take the pressure off of participants. The main thing is to get the ideas across. Presenting them well is a bonus, or to be done in later stages of development.

7) Judging: All games are eligible for the Solitaire Favorite Challenge. Each game that is submitted for a given judge's challenge will be sent to them after January 11. Feedback and choices for favorite in category will be provided from February 1-10, 2011.

Feedback will address: strengths, weaknesses, most exciting parts of the game, next steps for development. Length may depend on volume of submissions. A paragraph on each element is the rule of thumb. Overall and Category Favorites are subjective choices based on the Judge's preferences.

Judges are allowed to enter the contest and may participate in development threads. If they do so, however, they are not eligible for and may not submit a game for their own challenge (though that doesn't mean their game can't include those criteria in its design).

8) Awards: Feedback will be posted starting on February 1, 2011. All feedback and Favorites will be posted as of February 10, 2011. As a prize for each award, Judges will write a post or blog entry on their Favorite during February. Links will be posted at this site.

All who comment on someone else's blog are eligible for the Birds of a Feather Award. And those who give substantial comments on everyone else in the running will receive the Golden Crow Award: which involves a physical prize that will be sent to you by the US Post. Both these prizes are open to all contestants, and even to those who don't finish their game, or are only participating through comments.

Good luck to all!