Parallel Contest

During January 2011, there was another game design contest going on that was open to participants. Ron Edwards ran the first round of the New Ronnies at the Forge. In it participants designed a role playing game in 24 hours, and then will receive in-depth design feedback. Some great games, such as 3:16 have come out of this contest in the past. It's a great thing, check it out!

The Ronnies were open to RPG Solitaire participants since they were completely compatible with the RPG Solitaire Challenge, so we give congratulations to anyone who may have entered both! However, the first round of the Ronnies is now complete. The next round will occur in February, so games that have not yet been submitted to the Ronnies can not be entered at this time.

There is more information about the crossover with the Ronnies at the Ronnies Forum at the Forge, or at the Black & Green forum at RPG Crossroads.

Congratulations to all the Ronnies contestants!