Friday, December 31, 2010

Challenges Announced

The RPG Solitaire Challenge has begun! There are eight challenges, offered by four judges:

Build a Better Choose-Your-Adventure
The Stuff in Your Domicile
Pencil and Paper
Living in the Future
Unlonely Your Fun
ARG! RPGS! (or, the Andy Kaufman Challenge)
The Scheherazade (or Campaigner's) Challenge
Sharing Challenge

Post in the Black & Green forum at RPG Crossroads to let us know you're working on a game. Everyone is encouraged to design in public: at the Forge, at Story Games, on your blog, or wherever else appropriate that you frequent. Include a link and it will be posted here so other contestents and folks watching the challenge can see what you're up to and give you input and ideas. There will be a special award for all contestants who participate in other people's game threads.

Submissions are due by 11 p.m. January 11, 2011. They can be emailed to e.chimerapi at gmail in text format (.doc, .odt, .rtf) for judging. A version with full layout may also be submitted in PDF format. All entries will be posted online with links available at the RPG Solitaire Challenge site, unless requested by the designer. For more information about submissions, see the rules page.

Good luck and may the muses be with you!